General Housing

Airis can play a vital role in mitigating a significant risk of fire and the dangers presented by toxic fumes and gases. It’s not just the elderly, vulnerable and young adults that can be forgetful.

In studio apartments, the risks are often elevated due to access to the property being via the kitchen and/or having the living and sleeping areas exposed to toxic gases and smoke.

Airis can be connected to building management systems for incident recording and fault monitoring.

Airis Sensor In Two Positions
The Airis sensor can be installed in two positions, while the Airis-C is installed on the ceiling.

Student Accommodation

The uniquely unobtrusive nature of Airis makes it ideal for preventing fires and fire alarm activations in student accommodation. It provides safety without detracting from a positive student experience.

Airis logs information about cooking and interventions in its power control unit. This information can be retrieved wirelessly with a laptop. This data shows, for each day:

  • How many times Airis has intervened to cut the power
  • The number of cooking sessions and the overall session duration
  • How much power has been consumed by the cooker

Our purpose-designed sensor bracket prevents removal of the Airis sensor by residents while allowing for easy removal by maintenance staff.

Elderly & Vulnerable Residents

Airis allows residents to cook safely for themselves and maintain their independence. The non-invasive nature of Airis makes it well suited for vulnerable people, especially those living with dementia.

Airis can connect to telecare, enabling the monitoring centre to be alerted when Airis cuts the power to prevent a fire, or when no cooking has taken place for a specified amount of time. In this way, the monitoring centre can check on the wellbeing of a resident and incidents can be recorded for periodic assessment of a person’s needs.

Although not needed in most cases, an additional wireless reset button can be deployed in many situations - for example, if a resident’s mobility is impaired.

Customer Comments

Installations in Residential Accommodation

Installation of stove guards has been mandatory in Norway since 2010, during which time there has been a significant reduction in cooking related fires

As the regulations came into entered effect, several companies launched stove guards. The quality/reliability and ease of installation varied considerably. In 2014, the regulation was amended, requiring every stove guard to comply with European standard EN 50615, which specifies the minimum functional requirements. This was done to ensure that the original purpose of the regulation – reduction of stove fires – is met when the devices are installed.

Lofstad says that the Safera stove guards sold by Garo have proven to be reliable. The electricians have given very positive feedback on the ease of installation, and the end users too are happy with the product. The customers say that the stove guards remain inconspicuous when there is no danger, but work faultlessly when needed.

We have been very satisfied with the Garo stove guards, as they have been very reliable. Furthermore, Garo’s customer service has been very quick, when needed. - Henrik Lofstad, Project Manager, Norges Elektro.

Norges Elektro AS

Established in 2005 and headquartered in Tønsberg, Norway, Norges Elektro AS is a company that specialises in residential electric installations. The company employs a total of 25 workers, of whom 22 are experienced electricians. The company’s most important operating areas in Norway are the counties of Vestfold, Telemark and Buskerud. Norges Elektro’s projects range from small houses to larger buildings.

Airis Provided by Insurer

Insurance company Ömsen installs complimentary Safera stove guards for its clients

Finnish insurer Ålands Ömsesediga Försäkringsbolag wanted to improve the fire safety at their clients’ homes after they had noticed that cooking fires had become more common. Ömsen found Safera’s stove guards to be the optimal solution for its needs and started a five-year program to install Safera stove guards for its home insurance clients.

A rise in the number of cooking fires caught Ömsen’s attention

Robert Knahpe, head of risk management at Ömsen, said “stove-based accidents have become more common across all age groups... We have already noticed an increase in cooking fires and fear that these accidents will become even more common in the future. People are multitasking, using mobile phones and tablets while using the stove and tend to leave the stove unsupervised.”

Ömsen wanted to change this undesirable trend and decided to install a stove guard for all home insurance clients.

Increasing fire safety with Safera stove guards

Knahpe researched the market for stove guard solutions: “My colleagues in Sweden warmly recommended Safera’s products to me as the best stove guards on the market... we were delighted to find a Finnish company and after we had spoken with Safera the decision to choose Safera stove guards and Safera as a partner was clear," Knahpe states.

Airis Installed Following Residents' Comments

When discussions with the residents of Finnsbacka Bostad housing company highlighted the need to increase fire safety, the company decided to install Safera stove guards in all apartments.

The Board of Directors of Finnsbacka Bostad Ab housing company decided to bring fire safety into the 21st century after discussing fire hazards with its residents.

“We discovered that the firewalls in our loft buildings, which were completed in 1976, did not cover the entire height of the apartments. However, renovating the entire structure would have been far too costly. The Directors investigated the available options and felt that stove guards were a safe, sure and cost-efficient method of increasing fire safety,” said chairman Stina Mäenpää.

Safera stove guards were a natural choice because the housing company’s property manager was familiar with them. Moreover, the price of the purchase was so moderate that the Board of Directors was able to decide on the matter without a general meeting. The residents also welcomed stove guards, and the solution specifically enhanced the sense of safety of the senior residents.

Fire safety is a joint concern

The decision to invest in stove guards was made by the Board of Directors of the Finnsbacka Bostad housing company.

The installation project went very well and everyone in the housing company feels we made a good investment. The installation of stove guards in the apartments has helped everyone feel more relaxed, so I would recommend the solution to any housing company that cares about fire safety. - Stina Mäenpää

Installed in an hour

Safera’s long-term installation partner VP Sähköpalvelu Oy installed the stove guards in 46 Finnsbacka Bostad apartments. According to Ville Peltoperä from VP Sähköpalvelu, the project went very well.

“From the residents’ point of view, the installation project was quick and effortless. It took approximately one hour to install a stove guard in one apartment, depending on the structure of the kitchen." As the majority of the housing company’s residents were at home at the time of the installation, the installers were also able to share information about the functions and use of the stove guard.

Detailed instructions by Safera were left in the apartments for the residents who were not at home during the installation project. However, Peltoperä feels that the Safera stove guards are so easy to use that the residents hardly need to think about them. When it is time to change the battery, the appliance notifies the user in advance.

Most of our stove guard customers are senior citizens or, for example, people who have dementia. However, fire prevention is important in all age groups, from senior citizens to young adults and families with children. Anyone can forget to switch off their stove. This is why an investment in personal safety and the safety of loved ones is well worth the price. - Ville Peltoperä, VP Sähköpalvelu Oy

Safety for health care staff and patients

In different care institutions, stove guards may be located in shared rooms and normal kitchen. Tight schedules, patients’ needs and other urgent matters may distract personnel from stoves, which increases the risk of fires.

According to Athena Nordic, stove guards considerably improve the safety and sense of security of both patients and personnel.

By investing in a stove guard, we can eliminate disastrous fires originating from stoves. Additionally, we will no longer need to pay ridiculous sums of money for burnt kitchens or homes. - Filip Berglund, Sales Director

More relaxed living at home

Stove guards play an important role in Athena Nordic’s business operations, which focus on the concept of a good life. Safety is a top priority for all residents who live at home, including those who have age-related memory trouble. Friends and family sometimes worry about an individual’s ability to cope at home unsupported. A stove guard may prove to be just the right element to eliminate excessive worry. Memory can sometimes deteriorate without us even noticing it, and even younger people may forget to switch off the stove.

Stove guards are designed to offer safety for residents of all ages. Athena Nordic’s Sales Director Filip Berglund summarises the issue in a simple, humane manner.

By offering the opportunity to live at home for as long as possible, we can help to eliminate the need for expensive and unnecessary care placement. Moreover, I think everyone agrees that eliminating fire hazards in your home is always a good idea.

International award-winning Safera stove guards are tried and tested top quality products that comply with all the relevant standards. The Safera collection is the most extensive on the market and includes a suitable stove guard model for every household and property. Safera is the global leading expert in stove guard safety. On Safera’s 10th anniversary, we are proud to be able to say that Safera stove guards provide protection in over 100,000 homes in the Nordic countries.

Athena Nordic AB, the exclusive Safera stove guard retailer in Sweden, was established in 1985. Athena Nordic develops, markets and sells products to people with special needs. Athena Nordic specialises in improving the safety and construction of retirement homes, temporary accommodation and care institutions.