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Does Airis automatically reset the power when it’s safe to do so?

Yes, Airis can be set to do this.

Is Airis suitable for elderly and vulnerable people living alone?

Yes, it is ideal for protecting those who might be at greater risk of forgetting their cooking. Thousands of Airis devices are installed each year to protect vulnerable people.

How long does it take to install a Airis or Airis-C?

Once familiar with the instructions, it takes approximately 20-30 minutes to install an Airis. An Airis-C takes around 30-40 minutes.

How long does it take to install several Airis and Airis-C's?

When installing several units in the same building, or several buildings on the same site (such as student accommodation or apartments), we would expect an electrician to be able to install between 10 and 20 per day.

What is the installation process?

The PCU is wired between the feed from the wall power outlet and the hob/cooker. It's usually mounted behind a built-in oven, on the wall behind the free-standing cooker, or if space is limited, under an adjacent kitchen cabinet plinth.

The Airis sensor is mounted on the wall/splashback behind the cooker/hob or on the cooker hood, with VHB tape for a very secure fixing on ceramics, metal and glass without the need for drilling.

The Airis-C sensor is mounted on the ceiling with screws.

The set up (verification) process takes a matter of seconds.

Minimal tools are needed.

What is the rating of the PCU?

The Airis PCU is rated at 32A according to the requirements of the standard IEC/EN 60730-1 ("Automatic electrical controls"). This means that the control unit must be able to withstand all current levels possible when fed by a 32A MCB. If the over-current situations are repeated, or if they occur in a higher than normal ambient temperature, the PCU may cut off the power to the stove temporarily to limit the components' internal temperature. This over-temperature automatically resets and helps to ensure the long lifetime of the relays and components.

Can one Airis interfere with the radio signal of another in the same building or kitchen?

No, the radio pairing between the PCU and sensor is unique.

Can two Airis' be used in the same kitchen?

Yes. However, if the gaps between the two cookers/hobs is less than 150mm, the sensors must be offset. Please contact us for instructions.

Can two Airis-C's be used in the same kitchen?

Yes. However, if two cookers/hobs are fitted along the same wall or an adjacent wall, please contact us for instructions.

Is Airis better than a suppression hood?

Airis prevents a fire* and minimises toxic smoke. No re-charging, clean-up or regular maintenance is required.

What maintenance is required?

Airis and Airis-C do not require any maintenance. A simple user test is provided and Safera recommends that this is carried out periodically. Please refer to the relevant guide in the downloads section.

The sensor should be wiped clean occasionally to prevent a build-up of grease.

What is the battery life?

For Airis, the expected battery life is 3-5 years. When the battery is low, an LED flashes on the sensor and sounds a beep.

For Airis-C, the expected battery life is 2-3 years. When the battery is low, an LED flashes on the sensor and sounds a beep.

Both sensor types use AA batteries.

What happens if the Airis or Airis-C fail?

Both the sensor and PCU have extensive self-diagnosis and on-board data recording, which has enabled the product to be made highly reliable. Should a fault be found in either the sensor or the PCU, cooking is limited to a short period, after which the user must reset the power with the OK button to continue.

If a problem has been detected and the OK button is pressed, a series of colour flashes indicates the precise nature of the issue.

How does Airis connect to telecare?

Airis has two separately configurable outputs with can connect to external systems such as telelcare or a Building Management System. These can be set to send an alert in many situations, such as:

  • Airis has intervened to prevent a fire
  • A water leak has been detected (by one of up to four optional leak sensors
  • The sensor battery has run out
  • Cooking hasn't taken place for a given period of time
  • A fault has occurred

Can I use Airis for gas cookers?

Airis is not currently available for gas cookers. A gas version is in development. The gas model will require a cooker/hob with a flame monitoring device (FMD) – something that is factory fitted to prevent accidental gas leaks if the flame goes out. Many gas cookers and hobs currently in use do not have an FMD. For elderly and vulnerable people, we recommend halogen cooker types with rotary (mechanical) controls as a more appropriate choice because they are easy to control. While induction hobs have some useful safety features, they carry an increased risk of pan fires due to their higher power/efficiency.

Does Airis work with all types of electric hobs/cookers?