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Does Airis automatically reset the power when it’s safe to do so?

Yes, Airis can be set to do this.

Is Airis suitable for elderly and vulnerable people living alone?

Yes, it is ideal for protecting those who might be at greater risk of forgetting their cooking. Thousands of Airis stove guards are installed each year to protect vulnerable people.

How long does it take to install Airis?

Airis can be installed in as little as 30 minutes. Unlike other stove guards, Airis can automatically configure itself.

Is Airis better than a suppression hood?

Airis prevents a fire* and minimises toxic smoke. No re-charging, clean-up or regular maintenance is required.

What maintenance does Airis require?

None. Just wipe the sensor periodically to keep it clean.

How long will Airis last on a battery?

The Airis sensor has two standard AA batteries designed to last 3-4 years before they require changing. The sensor gives a warning before the batteries run out.

How does Airis connect to telecare?

Airis has two separately configurable outputs with can connect to external systems such as telelcare or a Building Management System. These can be set to send an alert in many situations, such as:

  • Airis has intervened to prevent a fire
  • A water leak has been detected (by one of up to four optional leak sensors
  • The sensor battery has run out
  • Cooking hasn't taken place for a given period of time
  • A fault has occurred

Can I use Airis for gas cookers?

Airis is not currently available for gas cookers. A gas version is in development. The gas model will require a cooker/hob with a flame monitoring device (FMD) – something that is factory fitted to prevent accidental gas leaks if the flame goes out. Many gas cookers and hobs currently in use do not have an FMD. For elderly and vulnerable people, we recommend halogen cooker types with rotary (mechanical) controls as a more appropriate choice because they are easy to control. While induction hobs have some useful safety features, they carry an increased risk of pan fires due to their higher power/efficiency.

Does Airis work with all types of electric hobs/cookers?