Airis for the Home

Protection for you and your kitchen

We all forget things occasionally and that includes pans on the hob. It’s very easy to become distracted - the phone rings, there’s a knock at the door, or there’s something on the television we can’t tear ourselves away from! Pan fires are the number one cause of house fires which, fortunately, Airis can virtually eliminate as well as greatly reduce smoke - the greatest cause of death in domestic fires.

Cooking with oil

The Airis technology, built using artificial intelligence, can detect when a pan is getting too hot and even when food is burning, or if a pan has boiled dry. It provides all the protection you need, and you won’t even know it’s there. The Airis is by far the most advance product of its kind and is already protecting 150,000 kitchens in Europe.

The Airis sensor comes in two forms: a wall mounted version and a ceiling mounted version. They both do the same job. These sensors work in tandem with the power controller to analyse the cooking situation and if needed, the power controller switches off the power to the hob.

Airis – wall mounted sensor

The standard Airis comes with a sensor for mounting on the wall or on the ‘splash back’ behind the hob. It’s very unobtrusive and comes with 10 different colour decals to ensure it fits aesthetically in any kitchen.

Airis in kitchen
Airis keeps you and your household safe when cooking

Should Airis need to intervene and cut the power to the cooker, the OK button on the sensor is used to put the power back on. The AA batteries in the sensor last for 3-5 years and are very easily replaced. As Airis is a wireless system, installation is very straightforward.

Airis-C – ceiling mounted sensor

The Airis-C has a ceiling mounted sensor and is ideal for situations where it might not be possible to use the standard sensor e.g. when the hob is installed in an island or where there’s a window behind the hob.

Airis-C in kitchen
Airis-C, suitable for almost any kitchen, is practically unnoticeable

A small remote control is provided for resetting if Airis-C intervenes. This remote control is also ideal for anyone with mobility difficulties.

Further information

For installation of either variant you will need an electrician, but it’s a simple job taking 30-60 minutes. Airis and Airis-C are available from Amazon.

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